Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I Admit Defeat...

So, having waited for the past fortnight for my immune sytem to kick in and do its job, I admitted defeat and saw my GP today (actually, that's not true. I saw a GP at my surgery)

It turns out that I do indeed have a chest infection, (which I already knew) and that it does sound "very crackly". Turns out my peak flow is very low (for me - less than 1/2 what it normally is) which I wasn't expecting - I've been feeling breathless, but I'm surprised it was so much lower than normal.

Anyway, I now have one box of amoxycillin and another of prednisolone, and with any luck these will lead the way and encourage my own immune system to get it's act together as well. I don't like having to take antibiotics - I remember being told from a very early age about the role of over-use of antibiotics in the development of antibiotic-resistant bugs, with the result that I have a tendency to put off going to ask for them. Mostly I think this is a good thing. Even with substandard lungs such as mine, sometimes things do get better on their own (And I would like to think that I am left a stronger, better person as a result of my struggle, although I'm not entirely certain that it works like that)

I somehow don't think the National Blood Service will be wanting my blood on Tuesday, though. and I think, for now, I'm probably best off keeping it to myself, anyway.

On a more cheerful note, I just had a phone call from my sister, to say they will be in the area at the weekend, and suggesting that we meet up for a meal, as I missed seeing them last weekend at my (other) sister's party. So, I have another incentive to get better soon.

And, of course, as the BBC newsreader told us, Britain came out of recession at 9.30 this morning (which seems awfully precise to me, but that is what they said!)


Arwenn said...

The nice thing about the antibiotics is that they often start working right away, so hopefully you'll be well soon. "Crackling" is scary, except perhaps with regards to ceramics glazes but even then I'm not really sure.

My code word is "repanic"...I'm going to figure out how to use that today.

Marjorie said...

Crackling os good on pork, too....

I don't find it scary, just frustrating, but maybe I'm de-sensitised.

Hmm. Repanic - kind of implies you have to panic first, then reprise that panic later, doesn't it?

(I have to say, I only just realised I had code words on here)

rashbre said...

Good luck with the recovery.

So many people seem to be getting bugs at the moment.

I've been working with two who have both dropped and a third person just called in saying words like doze instead of nose.

LyleD4D said...

Totally agree with you about not having antibiotics 'til they're actually necessary - but from the sound of it, in this case they are.

Hope it all sorts itself out - I had one like you've got last year, and it took a couple of months.

I currently know a few people with similar too, so I'm likely to end up with it again, although I hope not. Two of them are already on their second or third course of antibiotics, and one's got an inhaler too.

Marjorie said...

Thank you, Lyle & Rashbe for those encouraging words!

I do normally have a pretty good record on picking when I need to get antibiotics - mostly the 2 or 3 courses happen when I get a Dr who is not willing to accept my word for it when I say I need some, and make me wait.
Have to say, this Prednisolene is poweful stuff. I can practically feel my lungs re-inflating and recognising this unfamilir "oxygen"...