Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Let it Snow!

After the isolated snowflakes on Saturday I wasn't really expecting proper snow, but on Monday I woke to find that it had snowed over night - only a little, but enough to make everything look Christmassy for a little while. And, as it had rained/sleeted earlier the roads, at least the smaller ones which hadn't been gritted were very icy.

Happily, the schools broke up on Friday, so there wasn't as much traffic as usual, and I had remembered to wrap the car up so I didn't have to do too much ice-scraping. I was delighted to have an uneventful drive to work. And the snowy fields were very pretty.

The snow was all still there on Tuesday morning, and as I drove to work there was a wonderful clear sky, rose pink shading to duck-egg blue, with all the colours reflecting off the snow, and various pheasants and robins arranged decoratively around the place.

I was a little worried that it would still be icy this evening, as I had to drive over to the village where I grew up, in order to collect our christmas turkey. Some of the roads are quite small, and J&R live up a very steep little lane. Luckily for me, it started to rain mid afternoon, and it wasn't cold enough to freeze.

I was expecting to pop in, perhaps have a coffee, then pay for my turkey and be off, but J & R kindly invited me to stay for supper, which was great both as it gave us a chance to catch up a little, and of course, when the friends who invite you for supper happen to be farmers who grow pretty much all their own meat and vegetables the offer of food is always well worth accepting!

The turkey is one of those I met, back in October I know it had a good life, lots of freedom, and I am sure it will be absolutely delicious - always assuming I can keep it, and Tybalt, apart during my drive down to Devon tomorrow....


LyleD4D said...

One of my parent's cats was well-renowned in our road for being a food thief. His piece-de-resistance was coming home one Christmas Eve with a full turkey, dragging it along.

My mum never did have the guts to ask from whence/whom it came...

Dragonsally said...

LyleD4D, that is priceless. A friend of mine gets her groceries home delivered. She rang the company to complain that the chicken wasn't with the order. later she discovered that one of her cats had dragged it under her bed and attempted to liberate the chicken from its plastic wrapping with little success. Luckily, the company had already supplied her with a replacement she could eat!
Marjorie, stay safe and warm.

Marjorie said...

Fantastic! We did have one interesting christmas turkey cat story... When I was still living at hoe, and we had a full house one year, the turkey, and other food, had been put out in the out-buildings to keep cold.
We overlooked the fact that a window on the far side of the building had been broke, and our cat at that time found his way in and helped himself to a big chunk of turkey breast, a fact we only discovered at 10p.m. on christmas eve when the bird was fetched in to be stuffed...

My dad, who tends to a robust view of things, trimmed off the toothmarks, annointed it liberally with alcohol and cooked it...(on the basis that alcohol, followed by being cooked for 4 or 5 hours should kill most things!)

No-one died :-) Same cat used to come home with live goldfish on a regular basis. We were always very sympathetic when neighbours complained about the depredations that herons were making on their fish-ponds!

LyleD4D said...

Indeed - the current cat was renowned on our previous road for hoiking goldfish out of the pond of a couple of neighbours.

The sad thing was, he didn't bring them home, just seemed to like watching them flop around on the grass. The neighbour came back several times to a line of goldfish on the lawn. He was *not* amused.

Cat now enjoys watching the frogs at the current place - we have loads - he just watches them hop, and follows them. Never plays with them, never hits them, just watches them hop away.

He's a *very* strange cat.