Saturday, 8 August 2009

West Wiltshire Show

I have been very remiss, and not blogged much for the past couple of weeks, and when I had my camera out today and was looking at the pictures on it, I realised I never mentioned the West Wilts Show, which I went to 2 weekends ago.

The show is held in the park in Trowbridge, and if not usually particularly exciting. Unlike many of the county shows, or shows such as the Bath & West, it is not a farm show so there are no animals, nor are there events such as showjumping, police dogs or the like.

The majority of the exhibitors are commercial – predominantly motor sales & sellers of hot-tubs so far as I could see. There are also a small number of stalls selling locally produced food, various people selling their own crafts, and stalls for a number of charities. So far, so so-so, for me.

However, each pf the local towns also has their own marquee – most of these were much as you’d expect – members of the local chambers of commerce, the local council trying to be cheery about council tax and refuse collections, stall from a couple of local businesses, and so on. Bradford-on-Avon, however, had decided to make their tent a little more interesting. They had taken as their theme the 40th anniversary of the Moon landings, and had created their own lunar module as a centre piece.

As well as being a lovingly crafted model, they had personalised it – a close looked revealed that it’s badges were marked as ‘BoASA’ not ‘NASA’ (Bradford-on-Avon Space Agency)

One of the exhibitors in the tent was a local comic shop (Automatic Comics of Corsham) – they had two Imperial Storm Troopers in full costume helping at the stall, although it wasn’t clear whether they had also been involved in designing and building the Lunar Module.

Much more interesting that the chamber of commerce…


Dragonsally said...

God I love that - BoASA and Storm Troopers.

Marjorie said...

I know! I loved that they had put so much effort in, too, it was such a constrast to te other towns' displays.