Friday, 7 August 2009

A Busy Week

It's been a odd sort of week. One of my colleagues has been on holiday so I had some hearings to cover on her behalf, and with the typical cussedness of life, one blew up and took the best part of two days of my week. Not her fault, it wasn't something she could have forseen, but time consuming and rather stressful, all the same.

Have you ever tried to find an interpreter, for a not-overly common language, in a small rural town at short notice? MmmMm. Not the easiest thing.

It's been a long, wet week.

But now it is Friday. And this weekend, there is nothing which I have to do, and they say that the sun will shine.

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Dragonsally said...

Don't you just love those blow ups? One of my colleagues asked me to pop over to court for a hearing, just a formality - here are the consent orders for an adjournment. All was going well until in walked one of the experts in the field - he'd been briefed at the 23.55th hour to oppose the whole case. Not a good look when you're on your feet and your mind goes blank with shock. Ahhh, fun times *grin*