Friday, 26 June 2009

What I Did on My Holidays - The Fiends arrive en masse, and there is Rock!

The Fiends began to arrive in force.

After breakfasting with Siri, Jess & Paul I met OSS and Phiala at the airport. They bravely took on the roles of being my first passengers as I also collected my hire car, and made my first tentative efforts at driving on the wrong side of the road.

I think it was OK. We didn’t hit anything, and neither appeared to be shaking when we arrived at the Water Street Inn!

More Fiends - Fluffy, Revelle (Fluffy Junior) and Emily. So naturally, we went hunting for lunch. After all, a hungry Fiend is a Cranky Fiend, and who wants that?

We also looked at the exciting Lift Bridge, which goes to Wisconsin.

There is a drive-in church just the other side, but we didn't go. there is a guy in a Gondola, too. we considered going for a ride, but we didn't think we'd all fit at the same time.

The afternoon was taken up with checking in and talking.

It turns out that where fiends are gathered together, much conversation will ensue Who knew?

We invaded the Inn’s patio and rearranged the furniture to create one giant fiend table, and were all sitting there when Ms Fabulous herself arrived, with Nathalie.

Quiche, wise woman, lurked in her car observing us for a little while (and quite possibly scoping out potential escape routes) before coming over to introduce herself. We did all have Skull bedecked name tags, courtesy of Phiala, to assist in identifying the guilty…

Itroductions over, the partying began. Paul & Lorraine totally Rocked! Dr Wicked live broadcast the whole thing, and we had the pleasure of extra guitar from Adam and drumming from Dylan.

The hat Adam is wearing to indicate his position as band-leader is Revelle’s, and although it looks pretty damn good on Adam, it looks even better on Revelle!

These ‘Paul & Lorraine’ guys are pretty good, y’know. You should go and see them if you get the chance…

Did I mention there were also bagpies?


EmilyLady said...

This was the best weekend of my life, and one of my very favorite parts was rooming with Revelle. She is hilarious.

Aline Martins said...

Great Pics! good to see you Fiends....
I was there in spirit, thoughts and web during the gig! :D


Anonymous said...

Fun! It was like living it over again.

Dragonsally said...

Oh damn, I missed bagpipes.