Friday, 3 July 2009

In Which There are Cats (and Culture)

I Had intended to get up at a reasonable time, but apparently I suck at setting hotel alarm clocks.
Having rewarded myself for my poor timekeeping with Strawberry & Apple Crepes for breakfast, I headed out to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art. They have quite a lot of Art there.

I mostly looked at the Native American and Japanese areas, with side trips to textiles and china. I found a wonderful little skull-and-skeleton carving (apparently this was to attach to the end of a belt for a Japanese gentleman.…) However, I used that the Institute might take a dim view of people appropriating their exhibits, so I left it where it was…

In the afternoon I headed out to Northfield to visit Gayle & M . we had a very pleasant, relaxing afternoon - G & I walked down into town to buy fireworks for the 4th of July, and dome fruit, as I am feeling somewhat fruit-deprived. It was all very civilized . I also met Hope the cat, who is amazingly friendly, despite her feral past, and Gayle’s own cats and dogs, and of course M.

Hope is a very quiet cat, and very friendly - t was difficult to take her picture because she would not stay far enough away, but wanted to follow me and play! I also found that when you try to pet her, she has a tendency to grab your hand (very gently) and give it a quick wash, before letting you pet her. I don’t know whether this arises from the habit of washing kittens, or whether she is simply fastidious and doesn’t want anyone petting her unless they have nice clean hands.
A really lovely day.


Dragonsally said...

My little dog Mulder does that lick thing! Then he'll eventually lie on that hand.

Aline Martins said...

Loved Hope's Pic!

my Siamese cat does the same....only clean hands on her... but you are probably right, she got it when he had her kittens.

Kalipha Linden said...

What an astoundingly fluffeh cat!

Sounds like you're enjoying your trip stateside, hug many fiends.

Marjorie said...

Good to see you again, Kalipha! I did enjoy myself hugely, and hope to get the blogs of the second week up ASAP.

Hope was gorgeous. I would have brought her home with me if it were practical.