Sunday, 28 June 2009

In Whch the fiends take to the High Seas (well, river)

I had agreed to take Andrea (Ani) to the airport first thing also we got up pretty promptly and were disappointed to find that the hotel doesn’t start serving breakfast until 9 o Sunday, which was a little late, so instead we headed out and found a different breakfast buffet - waffles and bacon and such…
The drive in went smoothly and I found the airport without any problem which was nice - I then managed to find my way back to Stillwater without getting lost which, as it was my first time driving alone, made me feel very proud!
The plan for Sunday was for lots of hanging out and no real plans, an it worked pretty well! Quiche came over, bringing Cabal with her, for his Fiendish photoshoot. After meeting everyone, and having his photo taken approximately 4,000 times, Cabal left (somewhat reluctantly, as he didn’t want to leave Pack Second Lorraine) with Woodsman Hans, and the rest of the fiends left to hunt for Ice Cream, a hunt which was 100% successful!

we also investigated a bookshop and antique shop, then we went for a boat trip on ‘Avalon’, a pale steamer on the St Croix. Phiala
We did consider a pirate raid to take over the craft, but decided instead simply to pay & queue as if we were ordinary people.

There was sunshine, a brisk breeze, a buffet, and lot of fiendish chat.


There were also very disconcerting toilets, with a mirrored ceiling, which strikes me a very poor design choice . . . Siri
we saw swallows, and a heron, and what was almost certainly a bald eagle, and various other little birds. Nathalie
We did not mutiny, nor did we lose anyone overboard, (although there was a very un-Christian member of a church group who would have been greatly improved by a little keelhauling)
The day concluded with drinks on the Water Street Inn Patio, and food for those of us hungry enough to need it…


vampi said...

lol keelhauling. i love it!

i so didn't go to the bathroom on the boat, so i missed the mirrored bathrooms. kind of makes you wonder what other types of rides that boat makes besides the jazzy dinner cruise.

i did flash an unsuspecting couple my undies because of the wind.

Dragonsally said...

Oh Vampi - you hussy

Beez - I see Beez