Saturday, 27 June 2009

In which there is Birding, and more Rock, and a Knife

Despite having been up partying ‘til late, and being woken by a thunderstorm at 4 a.m. a selection of us were up and breakfasted in order to go birding with The Birdchick at the Richardson Nature Center.
This time, it was Jess, Mr Jess and Phiala who braved my driving. A swarm of around 15 fiends met the Birdchick in the parking lot, and were immediately shown a yellow bird (a warbler, I believe) we hen headed to the visitor center where we spent some time in the observation rooms, watching the bird feeders - there were some wild turkeys wandering around, and on the feeders themselves we saw ruby throated hummingbirds, woodpeckers and nuthatches, as well as squirrels, chipmunks and sparrows.
Sharon took us out on a short walk to try to spot more birds, which we duly did! We did not see the indigo buntings but we did see a pilated woodpecker, bluebirds, goldfinches (which really are gold, unlike the kind we get in the UK) cardinals, which are red and shiny, and which I fund exciting as we don’t have them, but which are a very common here. We came t a small lake where we were able to see and egret and a pair of eagles, as well as sundry frogs and dragonflies.
The Birdchick was a perfect guide - it was fascinating. a great experience. When we got back to the center we met Na, who had accidentally been left behind L and Aleta, who ad gone back to collect her, and then the entire group, including the Birdchick, decamped to Burger Jones’, where on her guidance we tried the Poutine and the fried cheese curds. Neither of which I would have tried on my own, but both of which were very tasty.
In the afternoon we visited Uncle Hugo‘s (whose profits will no doubt show a small but significant Fiend-related blip) and I believe that a large contingent of fiends also went to Dreamhaven, but we headed back to Stillwater instead, in order to nap ahead of the second Paul & Lorraine gig.
Which rocked once again. The Unicorn song was played . There was audience participation. Need I say more?
In addition to all the visiting and local fiends who were also there last night, Chris “Mr Billy Bones” Lincoln and his wife Mary came, so there was an impromptu signing, and there was, once again, enthusastic audience participation... At the end of the evening, after the music was over, here was the ceremonial opening of the Mystery Box brought by Phiala. This marked the return of the Famous Exploding Knife, repaired, sharpened and etched with it’s name… FabLo was happy as only a girl who has just been given a new and very sharp exploding knife can be.


Dragonsally said...

"FabLo was happy as only a girl who has just been given a new and very sharp exploding knife can be"
She does have a gleam in her eye. Watch out anyone who crosses the Mistress of No now.

Marjorie said...

Indeed. It's not that she *needs* the Knife,but still....

spacedlaw said...

Great picture of the guy who writes Mr. Billy Bones' stories!