Sunday, 3 May 2009

In which there are Sculpted Sheep

So, my car was due for a service (in fact, it should have had it 1,000 miles ago, but I haven’t been very organised) I knew that I had a lot on, so I arranged to take it in first thing in the morning , on the basis that the garage would not have had time to build up a back log, and that I would then have the rest of the day to catch up on other tasks.

The garage which looks after my little car is excellent – they specialise in Smarts, and know exactly what they are doing (The official Smart/Mercedes garage calls on them when they need help…) and they are both cheaper and , for me, much more convenient than the main dealer. Their timekeeping is not their strongest point, however, hence my wish to get in at the start of the day.

The drive over was lovely – the roads were empty, the sun was shining and all the hedges are full of flowers. The hedges themselves are all that lovely new, bright shade of green you only get with the new growth in Spring, and the hedge-bottoms and woodland are full of bluebells and wild garlic and cowslips – very nice to be driving past in the spring sunshine.

The garage is on a little industrial estate and if it has a disadvantage it is that there is nothing to do and nowhere to go within walking distance. I had brought a book to read while it was serviced but as it was such a nice day decided to go for a walk instead – I do want to try to get fitter than I am (losing weight would be good, too, but being less unfit is my priority), and this seemed like a good opportunity.

I walked up to the Cannard’s Grave roundabout – Which is well known locally for the ‘Rock Flock’ - a small flock of sculpted sheep, which tend to be decorated and embellished throughout the year as appropriate. At present, they are just their usual selves, but at other times of the year they may appear in Santa Hats, with a May Pole, wearing Easter bonnets etc. I was happy to see that the solitary Black sheep, who went missing a little while ago, appears to have returned safely!

The sculpted Sheep were the high point of my walk, but walking along, even just by the side of a road, in the sunshine was as pleasant a way as any of passing the time, and when I got back I only had a short wait for my car, which, I was happy to learn, didn’t need anything unexpected or expensive doing to it!

In the afternoon I met my new house-mate at the station and then she unpacked while I read the papers, before sharing a meal. Tybalt approves. He has been much friendlier than is his wont, which I take a good sign.

It was a good day.


Ticia said...

I'm glad Tybalt approve of his new house slave.

And I love the sheep. Especially the black one.

Lyle said...

The sheep are very cool - and glad your car service was painless too!

Hope all goes well with the house-guest/mate/slave, too - and long may Tybalt continue to like them