Sunday, 26 April 2009

Blisters and Itches (a few of my least favourite things)

It’s been a mixed week. On Wednesday I developed a ‘prickly heat’ style rash on the palms of both hands – 1000’s of tiny, itchy blisters, like an orange with really bad cellulite, which also meant that my fingers and my hands as a whole were swollen and trying to grip anything was quite painful. And it looks icky, too.

the worst thing was that I have no idea what triggered it. I had a similar reaction a few months ago, but that time I was able to work out that I had reacted to some cleaning products I’d been using, but this time I can’t think of anything I have used or been in contact with, which is new or different, which of course means I could trigger it again at any time.

Happily it seems to be subsiding now, it is no longer painful, is much less itchy and the blisters are subsiding, although I could still masquerade as a grapefruit with chicken-pox.

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