Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A post about weather

After the snow, I had thought that Spring had come. There have been snowdrops out for a while, there are crocuses, I have even seen a few daffodils.*

Which is why I was a little miffed when I stepped out of the house this morning into the bracing, spring-like . . . . . . sleet.

Yes. I think sleet is possibly the least fun weather there is. It has all of the cold, unpleasant aspects of snow, with none of the compensations, such as making things look pretty, or being useful for building things.

And rain is just as useful as sleet, if you happen to want puddles, or anything like that.

I was more upset when I discovered, on my way to work, that some people had had snow. Only a little, but enough to make things look pretty.

Just for the record, I am now officially tired of it being winter.

I wonder whether I should make a small sacrifice to Eostre.

*None of them actually in my garden. My garden is currently deficient in the snowdrops, crocus and daffodil lines.


Phiala said...

Yeah whatever.

My snowdrops haven't bloomed, the crocuses aren't up, and there won't be daffodils for quite some time.

And it was -14C / 6F this morning when I left to walk to work.

Your crocus photo is very pretty - I'm so looking forward to those. Next month, at this rate.

Marjorie said...

OK. You win. ;-)

Phiala said...

Nah, those poor folks in Minnesota win. I'm just whiny because it is a beautiful sunny day and looks like spring out. Looks are deceiving and it is remarkably cold.

ariandalen said...

You could always move to Texas. It's around 80 F right now, sunny with a few high clouds. The redbud trees are in bloom, as are the native cherry trees and the red oaks. I have miniature daffodils that are blooming, and lots of shrubs are leafing out.

See, you just need to live at a latitude south of Jerusalem. ;)

Dragonsally said...

No, I win. In a few weeks it has gone from being 46C to 14.9C maxes.
Oh, alright, Phiala wins - but I win on incredible changes in temp, yes?
Who ordered this freakingly cold weather we're all having?

Tell it to go away.

Marjorie said...

I'm mstly just whiny because it feels cold, too. I don't think I'd do well if I lived somewhere really old,such as MN - althugh snow instead of mud would be some compensation.

Ariandalen - I think Texas would be too far for me to commute.

Sal - yes, you are officially entitled to be whiny about the sudden changes in temp ;-)

Maybe your cold weather is a delayed result of eveyone's hopes and prayers for rain/cold during the heatwves and fires?

I shouldn't have grumbled about the sleet. One of my colleagues was 2 hours late in this morning becasue of delays due to snow (although I suspect the delays a really due to people not adjusting their driving to the weather and then skidding and blocking the roads...)