Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Poppets!

On a happier note, , my new Poppets, 'Dreaming Spring' and 'the Impeccable Doctor Brown' plus a free Poppet who I don't believe has a name yet. I fell for Doctor Brown because I love his long coat...

I now have 10 poppets in all - the new ones have now all been introduced to the older ones, and they reminded me that there are fun, happy things going on as well as the irritating and frustrating ones ;-)
I'm not usually one for collecting ornaments or trinkets, but the Poppets make me s


Siri said...

Whoot on the poppets. I'm still pondering poppets - I can't choose. I want to order one, and have someone send me one, which would be the right one.

As it is, I do nothing.

/me sending strength to get though this internet transition.

Dragonsally said...

I love my poppets so much. Want more. Lordy, how did I manage to have 6 already? Must take some photos of them.