Wednesday, 25 March 2009

In Which Tiscali continue to FAIL

The Tiscali saga continues. So far I have had 9 different e-mails from "customer support", from 7 different people, none of whom seem to have read any of t he previous mails (in some cases, they appeared not to have read the e-mail to which they were responding, either)

One of them referred me to a term in the T&C which says that you can only cancel by telephone. Reading the whole sentence which she quoted shows that this erfers to cancelling within the 30 day cooling off period after first signing up. Now, if I only had a TARDIS, of course, I would indeed go back to May 2005 and do exactly that, and no doubt save myself a lot of hassle, but it does make me wonder. If you are going to quote something, doesn't it seem fairly basic to at least read it first?

However, It appears that I have now reached the heady heights of the 'High Level Complaints' team. Am curious as to whether it is the complaint or theteam which is High Level but I am hoping that this may, if nothing else, allow me to escape the endless loop of clueless automatons in the "customer support" team.

In happier news, the milkman did agree that it would be unreasonable to charge me weither for the 2 pints of milk delivered on Saturday after they were cancelled, or for the 1 pint of milk NOT delivered on Tuesday... so I feel that one victory, at least, is mine. Dairy Crest have a better and more navigable website than Tiscali do, too. And an 0800 contact number. I wonder if they offer internet access?

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LyleD4D said...

Dairy Crest might have a better website - but don't try starting a milk delivery through it.

We've done that twice now, and neither time has it worked - we've had to end up finding the milk delivery person and starting the delivery that way.