Monday, 23 February 2009

Amanda Palmer stole my photos!

I was expecting Wednesday to be anti-climactic. All the fun of Coraline, AFP and Neil reading was over, and all I had to look forward to was a Ryanair flight home and an afternoon in the office.

The airport shuttle bus goes straight past Louisa’s house, which was handy, and getting through security was no worse than it usually is, and I had settled down near the gate to wait for the flight, while I was waiting, I saw Cheryl , whom I met after the Amanda Palmer gig, and we ended up chatting while we were waiting and during the flight. This improved the day no end. I have to say, if Ryanair could guarantee me a Hugo Award winning writer / blogger to sit next to on every flight, I’d be inclined to fly with them more frequently….

It was a relief to find my car still where I had left it in the airport car park ( For some reason, I tend to assume my car won’t be stolen, except from airport car parks. No, I don’t know why, either.)

And then decided I was far too tired to work so after popping in to the office to check for emergencies (only one, and it was relatively small) I went home to snooze and start blogging . .

Incidentally, Cheryl has blogged the signing at Chapters, with video of the whole thing, including all the readings and the Q&A I think that I am there for a fleeting moment in one of the videos, but the advantage of sitting on the floor in a large group people is that you are not easy to spot! (for anyone who needs to know, I am about 3 rowa back, waering a Graveyard book T-Shirt (From Neverwear , Natch) There is also a flickr pool of pictures of the event, and on Monday, I learned that Amanda Fucking Palmer herself has used some of my picture for her blog which was another thrill, and certainly brightened up my Monday morning.

Ahh, how shall I cope with my pedestrian life now I have tasted vicarious fame?


Phiala said...

What fun! Not only did you get to see AFP AND Neil, you got to have famous photographs!

Help! There's no verification wordpicture!

Okay, there we go. Reloading fixes much.

Cheryl said...

Ssssh! If RyanAir gets to hear of the extra service you got they'll want to charge you for it. And they won't give me a cut either.

Cheryl said...

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that I saw you in the video at least once. Thanks for the link!

Arwenn said...

What a neat time!!

I'm not sure about wanting something more to happen though - this way you can just bask :)

Know that you are ENVIED!!!

Dragonsally said...

I'm still feeling pretty jaw-dropping about AFP using your photos.

And now another blog to follow.
Simply amazing

spacedlaw said...

Reading some more wonderful books?