Friday, 19 December 2008


It was a shock to the system to be rained on a little the following morning, although, as we were attending a Christmas Fayre in the morning it did add a little seasonal feel to be drizzled upon. The fayre was run by ex-pats (mainly British & German) and had a ‘village fete’ feel to it – tombolas and cake stalls etc, plus also several Turkish traders selling scarves and jewellery. We were going in order to support some of K&C’s neighbours, who were running the cake stand. We indulged in German apfeltorte, to sustain us as it was over an hour since breakfast, and some bread pudding (as marching rations for our road trip) then had a very extended lunch, at a restaurant on the end of the beach, which therefore has 270 degree views over the bay. . .

For much of the bay the water is incredibly shallow and we could watch several fishermen wading out to their pots, way out to sea but still only knee deep in the water. I guess it’s important to know where the channels are.

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