Thursday, 24 May 2018

Tall Places and views (or what I did on my holiday part 5)

The CN Tower is visible from practically everywhere in downtown Toronto, given that it is pretty tall. (although sneaky perspective lets it hide, just when you need it to help you navigate).

It also has a revolving restaurant at the top, and a viewing platform, and a section with glass flooring, all of which combined to make it absolutely irresistible!

We decided to book for the revolving restaurant because i you can look at amazing views while being plied with delicious food and cocktails, why wouldn't you? (assuming, of course, that you like tall places)

We had window seats (not everyone did - there is an inner set of tables which are further from the wndows, but also higher up, so I guess people sitting there still get good views) 

So we sat back, ordered cocktails and food and enjoyed the view as it slowly rolled past the windows.

view  looking towards AGO and ROM
I'm glad that we went later in the week, after we had already explored quite a bit of downtown Toronto on foot, as we could pick out where we'd been (you can see the blue facade of the Art Gallery of Ontario, in the centre of the photo above) There was even a little mist in the far distance, marking Niagara.

The restaurant takes about 75 minutes to make a full revolution, so over the course of an unhurried meal we got to go all the way round, and then a little more! 

Afterwards, we went up to the 'skypod' which is another 33 stories above the restaurant, and lets you look straight down the tower.

(If you look very closely, above you can see little orange spots (at about '1 o'clock' ) which are the people doing the 'edge walk', outside, above the restaurant)

We could also look down on the roundhouse, which we visited the first evening. 

Then back down to the  observation deck, where there is a small section of glass floor.

It looks down over the roof of the aquarium, and is fun, but I was a teeny bit disappointed as I was expecting it to go all the way round the tower, and it doesn't!

It does, however, have a mirrored ceiling, so you can look up at yourself looking down. Or something.

hen there was time to go back down to the observation deck again, and visit the  observation deck,to look out at the sunset.

 Although I am not sure what they have against Spider-man....

I really enjoyed the whole experience.

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