Monday, 23 September 2013


After leaving the Southwark playhouse, I headed to the Southbank, to see Limbo, which is part of the London Wonderground there. Fortunately for me, there was also a food festival with a huge choice of different street food of many different kinds. I dined off the best harissa chicken I've ever tasted!

I then wandered around a little - the Wonderground has various fairground attractions, including a carousel, traditional stalls, and rides.Or rather one ride - the Starflyer.

The Starflyer is apparently the tallest vertical ride in the country, and spins you round, and up, over 60 metres.

I'm not, in general, a fan of fairground rides. I never met a roller coaster I liked, and most rides just fill me with a deep desire to be somewhere else (Except Ferris Wheels. I Like Ferris Wheels). But this one appealed to me. It was so tall. And it seemed not to be too violent.

Of course, at about the point that the safety bar came down and they locked me into the little perspex box with a total stranger (as each car has 2 seats) I did have a few qualms, but it was Too Late.

Despite my moment of panic, I enjoyed the ride. They start by winching you up a bit, then it starts to spin as it climbs higher, and as it climbs higher it spins faster, which of course means all the cars tilt ..

There are, of course, amazing views, of the Thames, the London Eye, The Houses of Parliament, and of course, straight down to the lights and glitter of the fairground.

And all too soon,  it starts to come down, and spin more slowly again. And they let you out, and you stagger off into the fairground.

I have to say, as precursor to Limbo it had a lot going for it! 

After getting off the ride I made my way to the Spiegaltent (which is pretty spectacular in its own right, all wood panels and mirrors and shiny goodness, the designer of the Hackney empire would have felt right at home.

And the show itself? 

It was breathtakingly, stunningly good.

The performers are all amazing, and all seem to have multitudinous talents, and the entire show is dark, funny, sexy, and very, very entertaining.

It's extremely hard to pick a favourite part - Heather Holliday's sword-swallowing and fire-eating, Danik Abishev's amazing acrobatics and hand-balancing, Jonathan Nosan's contortions.. and of course Sxip Shirey's music - all of it is incredible.
An the atmosphere is wonderful, too - it feels as though at any moment the entire show could spill off the stage and turn in to the world's best party...

I only wish I'd gone earlier in the run, when there would have been time to go again (it ends next week)

Best night out I've had for ages!

And there was time to admire the South Bank by Night before I had to head back to my hotel for the night. (I was tempted to go on the Starflyer again, and see London by Night, but the combination of queue and cost put me off)

Limbo is only in London until next weekend, but it is then showing in Edinborough from 22nd November until 5th January, so there is still a chance to see it, if you can.

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