Saturday, 24 August 2013

In Which There are Fun New Things

Today was interesting. My sister got in touch a couple of weeks ago to say that she and her partner would be going to a Hill Climb near here, and suggested it would be nice to meet up, which of course I agreed that it would, so  found myself attending my first hill climb.

I wasn't sure what to expect - I have to admit that the idea of watching a bunch of different cars driving up  hill didn't sound particularly enthralling, but  new things are often interesting, and how is one ever to know, without trying them?
Today was practice, and the weather wasn't great, so there weren't huge numbers of spectators.

There were lots of different cars, from souped up minis, to Westfields, to cars which looked (to my uninformed eyes) pretty much like F1 cars, only smaller (and with fewer adverts on them)

The course involved a pretty steep hill, and some very sharp bends, which are clearly tricky to navigate at high speed. . . some of the cars reached speeds of 120 m.p.h - lots of them clearly slightly misjudged the corner, and there was a certain amount of fishtailing going on, although only one car actually spun off (cue lots of marshals to push the car back onto the track, and to sweep the grass-cuttings from the road)

I don't think that I shall be making a habit of attending hill climbs, but I did find it more interesting than I'd anticipated, (and of course, it was fun to spend time with my sister and her boyfriend)

The whole time I was there, it was dull and grey with occasional rain, but as I drove home the sun came out.

I was in sunlight, and there was a beautiful, sunlit golden wheatfield, despite the gathering black storm clouds. I couldn't resist stopping to take a few pictures.

All in all, a very pleasant day.

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