Thursday, 13 June 2013

Highs and Lows

It's been an odd week.

It was another lovely sunny weekend, and on Sunday my friend Cheryl came over for lunch, (and brought wine and yummy chocolate) and we caught up. Cheryl has been very busy, what with the  International Gay Rugby Tournament, and trips to Finland and Canada, so it was good to have time to catch up (and the chocolate was appreciated, too!)

After she left, however, things deteriorated. I went out into the garden to do a bit of weeding, and the hellspawn kids next door decided to start throwing stones at me, which was very unpleasant. I ended up logging it with the Police, and with the Housing Association which is her landlord, who promised to send someone to speak to her.

Then it was a busy and at times stressful week at work, and I've been sleeping badly due to all the stress...

BUT on Today, when I got home, late from work (realising, just as I pulled up outside my house at about 7 p.m. that I had a ticket to see the NT Live broadcast of 'The Audience', in 7p.m) a woman came out of the house next door and asked to speak to me.

She had received the letter from the Housing Association, and had come to offer apologies and explanations! It appears that the really aggressive woman who I thought was the tenant, is actually her sister, and the the ringleader of the children throwing stones was not her child. The older teen (who told me she was relaying messages from her mother, when she was verbally abusive when i went to ask them to turn the music down the first time) *is* her daughter but apparently has moved out... I still have reservations about how she managed to not know (which she claims she didn't) how her visitors were behaving, but to do her justice all of the children concerned have turned up at my door to apologise.

I am currently feeling cautiously optimistic!

And the reason that I was late home was that I had finally managed to sort out a very long-standing case at work, avoiding the need for a contested court hearing, which is always satisfactory!

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