Saturday, 4 September 2010

In Which There is More Culture

Afer the HyperComics exhibition I had planned to go the the Natural history Museum, where I'd heard tell of a Giant Kntted Squid (or possibly a knitted Giant Squid) but when I got there I found that the relevent exhibition cost £8 and had a huge queue.

I could've coped with one or the other, but not both, so the Giant Knitted Squid will have to remain a mystery.

Instead, I did go in for a short time, and admired some of the carvings and so on - I love that the building was designed to include representations of science and natural history, so that although it is a little like a cathedral, it is a cathedral adorned with wolves and rats and monkeys and octopi, instead of saints and demons.

However, the place was too overcrowded to be able to take much in, so after a very short time I headed next door to the V&A, where I spent a very soothing hour or so, mainly in the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries.
I found some lovely sculptures - this one of Alexander & Bucephalus, from 1515

There were also some lovely tapestries (although I missed the Raphael cartoons, as that exhibition doesn't open untilWednesday)
This one shows the Trojan War, and dates back to 1475.

And then I turned a corner an foun a little case, containing a note-book of Leonardo da Vinci...

There were, of course, also many statues, which I am sure at least one of you will enjoy...

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