Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hello? Is anyone still here?

I've been a bit lax about blogging recently. Sorry.

Mostly because there hasn't been much going on since I got back from my parents. This week in particular has been not a lot of fun - I had to see a doctor on Monday (to be examined for a report, relating to the RTA I was in last May), then on Tuesday I had to see the dentist, for a regulat checkup. That made be nervous - I have always been scared of dentists - weak teeth + a heavy-handed and impatient dentist as a child, made worse by an incompetent dentist and some root canal work as a student, but I have to say my current dentist is very nice. Having (touch wood) now not had any problems for several years, I am gradually getting better at not panicking.

I didn't get given a sticker to say I had well cared-for teeth, or that I was good at the dentist, though. Most unfair. The 7 year old ahead of me did, and I thought age-discrimination was supposed to be illegal now! But I am over it now. Honest.

I am disappointed about this weekend. I have a ticket for Bill Bailey's solo show, in London this sunday, but I now don't see how I can go. My original plan was to go, get the last train home (which would be just about do-able, and would get me back home by about 2 a.m), then take Monday morning off work to sleep. Now? It seems I shall have to be in court on Monday morning, and I just don't think it will be practical. *sigh*.

Next week should be more fun, however, at least once I get to Wednesday. (Tuesday, I have partners meetings and reviews at work) On Wednesday, I will be going to see Bitter Ruin in Bath, with Cheryl, then on Thursday I am going to see Twelfth Night. I'm looking forward lots to both.

And until then, I have a copy of Stories with a new story from Neil Gaiman, and one from daian Wynne Jones, and one from Joe Hill, and a whole lot of others, so I'm happy.


rhiarti said...

Could you maybe go, but sneak out slightly early to get home in time for a decent night's sleep?

Or stay overnight somewhere and head straight to court in the morning?

Sorry they didn't give you a sticker! I've had a similar lifelong phobia of dentists... got a Wall-E sticker from mine for being brave about getting much-needed root canal work done!

Marjorie said...

I did consdier those, but I don't think it is practical - the cost mounts up too much. I think I shall have to grit my teeth and find someone else who can use the ticket. *sigh*

We dental-phobes must stick together! I didn't get a sticker for my root canal, either, although I did get intravenous valium, which was possibly more help at the time (although left me determined never to touch valium in any shape or form again..)

AlysiaDraeger0417永瑞 said...

All good things come to an end...................................................