Friday, 8 January 2010

Lovely weather, isn't it?

Well, it's still rather chilly. (Cold and beautiful satellite picture borrowed from the BBC, who got it from NASA) Apparently we had temparatures of -10C overnight last night. The compacted snow on the street (and on the pavement, except the little bit outside my house which I shovelled, and salted with dishwasher salt) froze, so everywhere was like a slightly uneven ice-rink.
So no, I didn't try to drive to work. Given that my route to work involves lots of hilly country roads, several of which were spotring exciting black ice even before all the snow, I think it would be fool-hardy to try, even if I were able to get out of the housing estate I live on.

Fortunately,I was able to get a reasonable amount of work done via the wonders of modern technology, and the office was in any event closed at 4 p.m. so everyone could get home.

The snow, which was (as previous pictures testify) suitable for snowmen and snowballs on Wednesday has become much more powdery now - if there was a hill within walking distance I would be tempted to improvise a sled and re-discover my inner 5 year old, but there isn't, so I didn't.

(although this Police Officer, in London, found the perfect use for his riot shield!)

Yesterday, I didn't go out all day, then suddenly felt cooped up so went out for some fresh air as the sun set. It was a little eerie, wandering along snowy streets in the fading light.

Today, it seemed to be even colder. The sun came out in the morning but, unlike yesterday, there was no sign of even slight thawing. I went out in the afternoon, to visit the local library in order to do some printing and photocopying. Again, it was lovely to look at, less comfortable to fall over on, which I duly did, despite, nice grippy-soled boots and preternatural care. Fortunately I escaped any injury except to my dignity, and slighly grazed knee, and as I was on my way home I was able to get back indoors and get warm before the snow on my hands & knees melted and left me too cold and miserable.

I can't help thinking, however, that if I lived somewhere with real winters I might quickly get tired of living in such a monochrome landscape.


Dragonsally said...

God, I wish I was there. I'll trade your freezing for my boiling over 38 already and its just midday anytime.

I was wondering if you could work from home...don't suppose you brought a pile of files home with you. Brilliant time for research though, so long as Tybalt agrees.

Siri said...

Amen to the monochrome landscape losing it's charm.

I also fell today - whilst doing something stupid - trecking through thigh deep drifts. Much struggling to get back up, with a little panic thrown in for good measure. Snow can be wicked stuff.

Also, I wonder if that Hamlet DVD would play in US machines - I know VHS tapes didn't - I think I'd like to see that....

Marjorie said...

Siri, sorry you fell, very glad to hear you're OK.

The Hamlet DVD is a 'Region 2' one - (USA is region 1) but if you have a multi-region DVD player you'd be able to watch it, or you may be able to watch on your computer, I think most of them can be set to read whichever region DVDs you want. You can buy it at the RSC shop
So far as I can see, it's not available anywhere as a Region 1 DVD yet - however, it was a joint BBC/RSC thing, and the DVD was only available here this week, the play having been broadcast for the first time on Boxing Day. Maybe if they are planning to broadcast it on BBC America they will issue a DVD too?