Sunday, 13 December 2009

In Which There is Housework

The last week seems to have gone on for a very long time, and I had deliberately made no plans for the weekend, so that I could veg out and do as close to nothing as possible. My plans involved a very long snoozy lie in with the papers, and perhaps a nice hot bath. . . .

The best laid plans....

I slept badly and woke up on saturday morning with a stiff neck & shoulder, which meant I did not, after all, lie in bed reading *sigh*. I did manage the bath, after which I ended up doing lots of house-work type stuff - I should really take Ms Fabulous's advice and find a cleaner, but no luck yet.

I did also go foraging for nettles, with a view to making a chestnut & nettle risotto next weekend, when my frinds J&J, who are vegetarian, will be visiting. I should be able to prepare the nettles and then freeze them, so that I don't have to spend too much time in preparation while they are actually here (My kitchen isn't big enough for social food preparation - it's barely big enough for solo cooking!)

I also did a bunch of cleaning, and re-arranged the furniture in my bedroom, which is something I have been meaning to do for ages but haven't got around to.

It all added up to quite a lot of work, but now I have a nice clean and tidy house, lots of clean laundry and I have now (sunday afternoon) also made and frozen a dessert to take down at Christmas.

I was also delighted to get a call from an old friend who will be in the area, and who is in the area and will be calling by later this afternoon, which is an unexpected pleasure.


Phiala said...

Unexpected visits, and the house is already clean, thus avoiding the otherwise-attendant panic! :)

It sounds like a useful weekend, if not the complete relaxing you originally planned.

I want to hear how the nettles come out!

Anonymous said...

Maybe snoozy lie in can happen next week. Nettles sound like a dish that really sticks to your ribs. Are they tasty?
Billy Bones

Marjorie said...

Phiala, that did cross my mind, no last minute rushing to look respectable!

I have now prepped the nettles and they are in the freezer for next weekend - they smelled rather like spinach while they were cooking (and wilted down in a similar fashion!) Will report back on how they taste in due course.

spacedlaw said...

Did you get your nettles then?
Ah yes... Scrolling down the comments I see that you did. They do taste a little like spinach (or Swiss Chards but less fleshy) but are a far more exotic ingredient!