Sunday, 15 March 2009

Love Your Independent Bookshop

I have been a little slow off the mark with this one, which deserves the widest possible audience - Joe Hill, author of 'Heart Shaped Box' (which, may I say, is not a book to read late at night, especially if you are alone in the house, as I was!)has started a competition on his blog encouraging people to buy books from Independent Booksellers. It's very simple details here All you have to do is to buy a book from an independent seller during the month of MArch,and send proof to Joe. He has some lovely books which he will be giving away to people drawn at random from the entires.

I really like it beacuse everyone wins - The independent book shops get more sales, we the buyer get the books and a warm feeling of having done the right thing, and some of us will ALSO get a lovely free book from Mr Hill.

The Books which I bought

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